Roof Repair for Your Leaking Roof.
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Above all, we understand your panic when you need a “roof repair” or “roof repair near me.” So, there’s nothing more dismaying than seeing a water leak inside your home. But, your urgency to take action is really a good thing.

Because, it is important to get a roof repair to repair a roof leak immediately, even if you are planning on putting on a new roof soon. Moreover, even a minor roof leak can lead to major problems such as mold, rotted framing and sheathing, destroyed insulation and damaged ceilings. Most importantly, dealing with it right away is the best way to minimize the damage.

Choosing the Right Roof Repair Company

Therefore, your next stage of panic may come when it’s time to pick the right roofer to fix your leak. So, you’ve probably heard the horror stories of choosing the wrong roofer, shoddy repairs, unethical companies, and inferior materials. And, even worse, the leak persisted or returned.

Accordingly, what we bring to the table is extraordinary value – which comes from our quality materials and craftsmanship, highly skilled roofing installers and diligent attention to detail.

Roof Repair being done by a Roof Maxx Roofer.

Roof Repairs Right.
Maxx Roof of Tampa Bay.

After all, we’ve been in business for years and have hundreds of satisfied homeowners. In addition, knowing that roof repairs can often involve fixing structural damage, we have experienced carpenters on staff who can make these repairs. Therefore, we don’t subcontract this important work out.

Consequently, you can count on us to be there when you need us. Furthermore, we’ll work skillfully and quickly to detect your leak and save you money on the repairs your roof requires. And, whether it’s from asphalt to flat roofing repair, we do it all. In addition, we provide competitive pricing and guarantees on all roof repair. 

Transparent Roofing Estimates

Candidly, in the spirit of total transparency, we would like to point out that the only way our estimate will change is based on replacing something that cannot be foreseen until we tear off the shingles – such as rotting wood.

Therefore, while every roofer will have this caveat in their contracts, it’s how it is written that is very important. Firstly, we don’t charge you hourly. Secondly, we don’t charge you for all the guys on the roof. Lastly, we simply charge you per the pieces of rotting wood we had to replace.

Roof repair & roof installation by Roof Maxx of Tampa Bay

Not Every Roofer or Roof Repair is the Same,
Not Every Shingle Is The Same

Unfortunately, the sad reality is 88 percent of roof repair complaints come from choosing the lowest bidder. So, you have to ask yourself, are they cutting their price by cutting corners? Assuredly, we are an honest roofing company that takes pride in doing the best quality work at a competitive price. In addition, we are licensed, bonded and fully insured. You may have found us by searching for:

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So, regardless of how you found us, we’re glad you did!

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How We Work​

We meet your roofing needs in three simple steps
Step 1


Our project manager meets with you to discuss your roofing needs and recommend solutions.

Step 2


We present our free estimate, options, and book your job when you’re ready.

Step 3


Our team of experts complete your roof repair or replacement. You enjoy the long-term benefits of a quality roof.

We're not just Experts at Roof Repairs. Moreover, we’re Experts at Tracking Down The Cause of your Leak

Important to realize, the hardest part of roof repair is actually determining the cause of the leak. Well, we’re experts at that. Moreover, the inspection will include all items that penetrate your roof such as plumbing and roof vents, chimneys and dormers. In addition, we check to see if any flashing has rusted through. Also, we look under damaged shingles for flow stains, discolored underlayment and rotted wood. Lastly, we also search for any small holes in the shingles that may have been created by strong winds, storms, flying debris and excessive rain can create these holes.

Roof Repair by Roof Maxx of Tampa Bay.
Roof repair to fix a leak in your roof

Rapid Response Roof Repairs. After a Hurricane or any Time Your Roof Leaks.

Of course, one of the dangers of living in the beautiful State of Florida is hurricane season. Accordingly, a hurricane or tropical storm can pose a serious risk to your roof. But, you also have to worry about another risk after the storm – scams.

By and large, it’s common knowledge that disasters bring in roofers from all over for roof repairs near you, often out of state – and can bring out the worst in some. So, if they do a shoddy repair and the leak returns, they may be long gone. Additionally, the roofing company may also be uninsured or underinsured, leaving you at further risk for liability and lawsuits if someone gets hurt.

Markedly, Maxx Roofers is actually part of Florida’s Rapid Response Team that provides disaster relief for the state of Florida. So, we’re proud to be associated with this network and part of that team serving homeowners. Therefore, we respond rapidly and can place a blue tarp over your damaged roof to prevent further damage to your home.


Kevin Harrington

A Business-Savvy Endorsement

Our business has been endorsed by none other than Kevin Harrington, an original “shark” from the TV show “Shark Tank”. Accordingly, he has endorsed Maxx Roof Tampa as the #1 roofing company in the Tampa area. We couldn’t be prouder.”

Our Roof Repair Umbrella Insurance Policy Is Another Way To
Say Peace Of Mind

Correspondingly, our roof repair umbrella policy covers your property and the property around you. Therefore, it covers if someone gets injured on your property or damage is caused to a neighbor’s property. So, without the right umbrella policy, you could get soaked.

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A Roof Repair Company that Cleans Up Nicely

All things considered, our work isn’t done when the roof repair is done. For that reason, we sweep your entire property, make sure we clean up all the debris and that it all gets hauled away. In addition, we want to leave your home in better condition than how we found it. Equally important, the only thing we make sure we leave you with is a beautiful, high-quality roof.

Hire Us And Breathe Easy

You can breathe easy knowing that you found the right roof repair company, your roof is repaired, your leak is gone, you avoided any hassles, and everything is back to normal. And you know that when the time comes to actually replace your roof, you’ll know exactly who to call: the experts at Maxx Roof of Tampa Bay.